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Custom lead routing, right in HubSpot. See Distributely today.

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Distributely is the only tool that automates lead routing in HubSpot to drive the right leads to the right reps, at the right time. Check out this video to learn more!

All of the features you need

  • Manual weighting
  • Automatic weighting
  • Distribution schedules
  • Round Robin
  • Rules Engine
  • Sales Territories

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Maximize sales efficiency with rules-based routing and weighting.

Distributely's rules-based engine allows you to assign leads based on criteria like availability, location, or expertise — all without manual routing or scores of overlapping workflows. 

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Easily layer routing onto your existing workflows in HubSpot.

Seamless integration with HubSpot workflows allows you to use Distributely to compliment your existing lead nurturing, sequence enrollment, sales follow-up, tasks and notification processes.

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Scale your lead distribution, from a handful of reps to hundreds.

Unlike any other app, Distributely is designed for scaling businesses on HubSpot. Simple to set up in minutes and powerful enough for enterprise teams, Distributely enables your sales leaders to focus less on repetition and more on rep performance.

“Distributely brings a way to move away from just a Round Robin rotation. Setting up teams to have different weights or sales reps capacity is such a needed option. Distributely solves that for you and does it in an easy way.”

Colin Johnson | Sales Operations Specialist | Viewrail


Getting Started is Simple.

Distributely takes minutes to set up, free to try, and backed by New Breed — an Elite HubSpot Solution Partner with industry expertise across marketing, sales and operations.