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Key Features

Simple features,
built for scale.

New Breed built Distributely to transform your routing process and power your growth on HubSpot.

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Save time. Sell more.

Efficiency Integrate our advanced routing directly with HubSpot to automate and streamline sales and service follow-up.
Quality Get the right leads and tickets into the hands of the best reps through a combination of rules and routing options.
Scale Easily configure your lead and ticket distribution process as your level of complexity and sophistication evolve.

Get more results from every rep.

To maximize your long-term revenue, every unique lead and support ticket requires a tailored response. Distributely analyzes them as they enter your sales and service systems, categorizes them and automatically assigns them to the appropriate rep — fostering deeper connections and driving dramatic gains in efficiency. 

“Distributely brings a way to move away from just a Round Robin rotation. Setting up teams to have different weights or sales reps capacity is such a needed option. Distributely solves that for you and does it in an easy way.”

Colin Johnson | Sales Operations Specialist | Viewrail


Getting Started is Simple

Distributely takes minutes to set up, is simple to use and is backed by an Elite HubSpot Solution Partner with industry expertise across marketing, sales and service operations.

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